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Link Building – Your Guide to SEO

Link Building – What is it? Link Building is all about the link profile of your domain. In order to give your websites a boost in it’s so called Link Profile, you need to focus on building high quality backlinks to your domain. A backlink to your domain simply means that someone is linking to […]

13 March, 2021 Gustavo

NoFollow vs DoFollow Links

NoFollow vs. DoFollow Links NoFollow vs DoFollow? What is the difference between them? Which one is preferred? In this blog post we will break it down to basics so you understand what these links mean and what is the difference between them. Working within SEO it is importance to understand what a No Follow is, […]

Gustavo 22 March, 2021

Niche Edits

Niche Edits – What Niche Edits? Niche edits is a link building tactic in which you place contextual links in older content in authority websites. It is useful in content marketing for an effective SEO strategy. In niche editing, you convince site owners to place a contextual backlink in their established content. Niche edits is […]

Gustavo 9 June, 2021

Guest Post – How to Submit a Guest Post!

Guest Post Google can tell how respected your content is in your industry by looking at the pages linking back to your content. It gives your website ranking authority, which Google looks at when assigning page ranking on its search results page. If there is a high domain authority website or blog linking back to […]

Coinbase Commerce – We Accept Bitcoin Payments

Coinbase Commerce – Why? So, what is Coinbase Commerce and why do we as a company support the use of it? Let’s go back to 2014 – when we first started our business. The idea of getting money fast, free and globally without a middle men,  without cross-boarder payments long delays and crazy fees was […]

SEO Tips for Online Casinos and Betting Sites

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing online traffic and generating leads and signups. For any business to be successful online and build a strong online presence, it’s important to optimize the site for search engines. This is even more important in crowded niches, where there’s a […]


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Niche Edits

Niche Edits

Niche Edits – What Niche Edits? Niche edits is a link building tactic in which you place contextual links in older content in authority websites.

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