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NoFollow vs DoFollow Links


NoFollow vs. DoFollow Links

NoFollow vs DoFollow? What is the difference between them? Which one is preferred?

In this blog post we will break it down to basics so you understand what these links mean and what is the difference between them. Working within SEO it is importance to understand what a No Follow is, but simply how powerful a DoFollow link really can be for your website.

Link Building has a key component, that the link is a do-follow link. If you get a no-follow link there is very little value to be passed to your domain.

You could read more about it in our Link Building Guide. 

What is a Nofollow Link?

A nofollow link tells search engines crawlers not to follow it. The crawler will pass it over when discovering content using links. Search engines recognize nofollow backlinks using the nofollow attribute rel nofollow tag. The HTML code of a no-follow link looks like:

Link Text

Google implemented the nofollow attribute back in 2005 when comment spamming was a big problem for high-ranking websites. Unscrupulous web marketers, trying to rank, would visit popular content and leave backlinks to their site. A no-follow link tells search engine crawlers that the website does not endorse the back link.

Nofollow outbound links do not boost PageRank or the backlink profile of the landing site. But they are helpful in creating a natural profile with a proper mix of dofollow and nofollow links. A nofollow link will still work when you click on the link so it helps pull traffic from popular sites like Quora.

The importance of Do-Follow

Dofollow links, also called follow links, are links that search engine crawlers can follow from one site to another. Google’s algorithm takes note when a site gets these types of links from high authority sites. It awards a higher rank because the site must have good content to deserve a link from authority sites.

Google’s PageRank algorithm assigns ranks by, among others, looking at a site’s link points. This is a metric of the quality of backlinks. Link points, also called link juice increases as a site gets more quality dofollow backlinks. Link building is effective only when it works to boost link points.

A do-follow link format is:

Anchor Text Here

Do-follow links build site authority and boost website and page rank. Getting more link juice with backlinks from authority sites is an essential SEO task.

Getting dofollow links involves building relationships with authority sites. Guest blogging is one such tactic. It involves posting your content on an authority site, with a natural backlink to your site or page. Niche edits is a more direct tactic, where you request owners of authority sites to place your links in their existing blog posts.

Dofollow vs Nofollow

Nofollow links signal to search engine crawlers not to follow to the site they point to, while Do-Follow links work lead search engines to other pages and sites. Dofollow links are useful for page ranking, while nofollow links work to boost referral traffic.

Other Link Attributes

There are other link attributes that communicate different signals to Search Engines:

rel= “sponsored”

This html tag is applied to paid campaigns in paid links, sponsorships and advertisements. Their format is: Anchor txt

rel= “ugc “

This attribute is applied to links in UGC content. This content can be in forum posts or blog comments.

NoFollow Links – When should you use it?

Google assigns page rank using link points. Nofollow links do not help the link profile because Google’s crawlers pass them over. Nofollow links do not boost page rank, but they are useful in other ways:

  • Pages you want to ignore – You can have them in pages you want ignored, for example, temporary landing pages
  • Sponsored Content – Showing that a link is sponsored avoids your links being marked as unethical
  • Affiliate Links – Using nofollow links on affiliate content helps avoid penalties for duplicate content
  • User-generated content – Marking content as UGC can help show a page’s rise in authority because it shows the page has quality and interesting content

How to find out if it is NoFollow?

There are several ways to find out if a link is a nofollow link

  • View Page Source – The most direct way is to right click on a web page and view the source code.
  • SEOquake – A free tool for Firefox
  • NoFollow Simple – An add-on for Chrome

Buy Do Follow Links with AWISEE

Effective link building is part of a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Dofollow links are desired, but they are hard to get from authority sites. Getting them is sometimes frustrating. You must research authority sites with content relevant to yours, do blogger outreach, and convince other sites to work with you to do guest posts and niche edits.

It is more convenient to use a link building service to boost your page ranks with easy dofollow links. These services have established relationships with authority sites, making it easy to place your links. Your site’s authority will rise quicker while you concentrate on other business operations.

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