Niche Edits – What Niche Edits?

Niche edits is a link building tactic in which you place contextual links in older content in authority websites. It is useful in content marketing for an effective SEO strategy. In niche editing, you convince site owners to place a contextual backlink in their established content.

Niche edits is generating fresh interest in the light of the value of updating old high-ranking content with high link juice. Niche editing takes advantage of the fact that Google has already ranked this content highly, and there is a better guarantee of an audience.

Niche Edits or Curated Links – Same?

Many web marketers use the terms niche edits and curated links interchangeably. The ‘curated link’ comes from the fact you have to curate the content where you want your links, and bargain to have your permanent placed links in this specific content.

Curated Links

With curated links, you become more specific on link placement of your follow and no-follow backlinks. For example, if you have content discussing SEO ranking, it makes more sense to have your link in content discussing SEO related topics such as link building strategies, than content about PPC or paid advertising.

Niche Edits – How does it work?

Niche edits involve injecting your links in existing content. It differs from a guest post in that you don’t generate content new content. What are the steps in effective niche editing?

  1. Generate high quality link and post it on your blog or website. The content should be informative, relevant, and unique. It must add value to the site owners where you want niche edits.
  2. Research websites or blogs with your desired target audience. Do they have an article or editorial post where your link could fit contextually and look natural? Curate the content where you would like to see your niche edit links. Contextual fit is very important because Google has become very good at identifying paid links.
  3. Reach out to high authority site owners. Contact them on email and make a strong case for placing your links in existing articles that is already ranking highly.
  4. If the site owner is agreeable to your idea, suggest the specific posts where you would like to see your contextual anchor link placed.
  5. Analyze the impact of the niche edits to see the impact after link placement

Anchor Text

Anchor text is any clickable link in content. Anchor text is very important in SEO because it provides additional context to make the link relevant. Google has become very good at weeding out misleading anchor text, where the text says one thing but the link leads to a different thing. What are the different anchor texts?

  • Exact match anchor text is an exact match of the keyword
  • Phrase match anchor text is a phrase that is an exact match of a long-tail keyword
  • Partial match anchor text is a phrase that has all the keywords in a long-tail keyword but not in the exact order
  • Branded anchor text has the name of the brand
  • Naked anchor text is the raw URL

Your anchor text should be contextual because relevance has become a ranking factor in SEO. You should also consider the type of content and where you are applying anchor text. A partial match anchor text would fit well in a long form listicle, while naked anchor text can fit for image alt text.

Link Building

Niche edits should be part of your SEO strategy because it has several advantages. First, you will need to invest in link building properly. Google has already ranked this website and content highly. Quality link building will boost your content. It informs Google that the content is authoritative to merit a do-follow link and eventually your ranking will boost.

Guest Posts 

Guest Posts is a different tactic in link building. Guest posts are your original content with, permanent backlinks, posted on someone’s else blog. Niche edits are only links in existing content on someone’s else website or blog posts.

Blogger Outreach

Contacting outreach bloggers is key in link building and niche edits. It involves reaching out to owners of high domain authority sites and convincing them to work with you for link mentions. Your ability to do good this task well has a direct impact on your efforts in niche edits and guest posting.

Need help with Link Placements?

Outsourcing your link building to a link building service works better for a non-technical person. Niche edits or link placement is hard work. It is better left to someone professional to handle the job for you, whom has an established network with site owners to buy link placements on your behalf.

A niche edit service will do the heavy lifting. The outreach team will reach more site owners for link placements on websites within your niche and with relevant content. They act as link providers for quick solutions. A niche edits service can also do broken link building and other SEO tasks.

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