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Coinbase Commerce – Why?

So, what is Coinbase Commerce and why do we as a company support the use of it?

Let’s go back to 2014 – when we first started our business. The idea of getting money fast, free and globally without a middle men,  without cross-boarder payments long delays and crazy fees was never a reality for us, until we discovered this space.

Just you all understand – we have been using Coinbase Commerce for years. 

This post 100% out of self interest as the people behind AWISEE are long-term backers of the Cryptocurrency space. 


Coinbase Commerce Website

Screenshot taken from Coinbase Commerce Website


Bitcoin for Business

In a digital era Bitcoin for Business starts to make total sense. 

Bitcoin Maximalist, Michael Saylor would argue the same.   

CEO of MicroStrategy

Accepting Bitcoin – How?

Accepting Bitcoin for your Business is quite easy. If you run an E-Commerce you could integrate your Payment Methods with Bitcoin Commerce, as they currently accept integrations with WooCommerce as well as Shopify

There are many other providers that allow you as a merchant to accept bitcoins, Bitpay is another example. 

We decided to test both Bitpay and Coinbase Commerce. We tested them in multiple ways and we were the most happy with what we got in terms of a UX/UI experience,  integrations, KYC and so forth. 
We could argue the one and other are better for another reason – but we sticked to what we started 6 years ago.  

Bitcoin Business Wallet – which one?

Before you securely can accept Bitcoin for your Business, you must need a wallet.

A great way to figure that out is this tool, to help you learn more about the different options that are available. is a great  and valid source of information in this blurry world of crypto. 

Before you consider selecting your Wallet you should consider the following: 
  • How much value in terms of Bitcoins will I accept? (You should never put all eggs in one basket) 
  • How secure is my Bitcoin Wallet?
  • Should I store my Bitcoins in a Cold Storage Wallet (eg. Ledger) 
  • How often would I need to Convert Bitcoin for Fiat (to USD or EUR) 

    There are many questions you need to consider before finding the most appropriate Bitcoin Wallet for your desire. Spend some valuable time to research – or ask a valid source that has previous expertise within the space of Crypto. Never trust anyone “random” online,  and never share your details with anyone unless you are 100% certain that person will help you. 

Imagine a world where everyone used something fair & equitable to settle their economic differences.,

At AWISEE we believe in the future of money. We think that we all someday will accept some sort of digital payment. If it might be Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or any other Cryptocurrency, we never know:

We are just certain this is here to stay.

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