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Link Building for Casino? - Insights to Consider!

There are many ways for your website you could consider building links from. The more natural and holistic approach of Link Building for a Casino, is always the right way to proceed with your Link Building strategy. 

We highlighted a few categories to consider – which would accept Casino links but also would be a wise choice to start off with. These are just ideas and insights that we share. Use them how you would like to – we always customize our approach to each new client we start offering our Casino Link Building Services for!

🎮 E-Sport

  • PC and Video Games – Retro, Xbox. PS4, DOTA or any Video Game Blog 

✈️ Lifestyle & Leisure

  • Entertainment  
  • Travel – Good idea to find niched blogs such as “Las Vegas” or any typical Casino destination
  • Movies – Most of you have have seen the Movie 21 – or perhaps Casino Royale

⚽️ Sports

  • Sports – Both American Sports (NBA/NFL/NHL) and European (EPL / LaLiga / Ligue 1) 

💻 Technology

  • iPhone – Apple, Android or Blogs about “Apps”
  • Hardware – Gadgets or Hardware Blogs
  • Computer Technology (used for Casinos)

These are a few great samples of Blogs and Niches of Websites we would select and handpick for your next Link Building Casino Campaign! 

Online Gambling Market - A Multi Billion $ Industry

Notably, the Online Gambling market is on track to reach a market size close to $72 billion in 2021 with a compound annual growth rate of 12,3%. This sums up to be a great opportunity not only for Sports Betting, but also Casinos, Poker, Bingo and Other Gambling related products. 

The picture above illustrates the % share of gross gaming revenue in Europe. As you can see Sports Betting is nearly 50% of the market in Europe. 

The Biggest Online Market in Europe - The UK

In 2019, the UK accounted for nearly 30% of Europe’s online gambling market revenue. Germany, France and Italy all together did not even reach that amount of revenue during the period. If you are curious or would like to read more, visit the European Gaming & Betting Association for more information.

US - The biggest iGaming potential yet

As you all within this industry have witnessed, is the US the notably most interesting and far the biggest market there is right now for iGaming. A country with the most valuable sports team in the world, Dallas Cowboys,  and also the highest paid athletes in the world with Dak Prescott (NFL) and Lebron James (NBA) just to mention two.

American Gaming Association (AGA) illustrates the major opportunity of how big of an impact the iGaming industry would impact the US economy, if each state would legalize Online Gambling for any Land-based Casino, Sports Betting or Tribal Casino Operator. Notably a Gross Gaming Revenue of close to $74 billion would be close to the total European gambling market which was worth over $100 billion in 2019.

US Gaming on the Map

Sustainable and Long-Term Strategy to Beat Competition

The team at AWISEE have worked with some of the most successful online Casino and Gambling companies in the world.

From an SEO and Link Building perspective the goal to rank first page in the most competitive space seems far away from reality. 

We know what it takes to achieve consistent  and favorable ranking results that will last.

Make decisions that are long-term and sustainable. Do not rush things and take steps that might hurt or damage your domain. 

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